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The New Green Appraisal Addendum

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Green Home Marketing

Last month the Appraisal Institute published their green addendum which can be attached to any appraisal. The addendum won’t guarantee that the homeowner or builder will get their increased property value for the green features added but what is guaranteed is that it will at least be looked at.

The new addendum can be downloaded filled out and submitted as part of the appraisal to the lender. Some of the key points are to make sure that the energy saving features are listed accurately and if you can provide any records of energy production or savings these would be documents that should be included.

Any third party certifications (LEED, Energy Star, Built Green, Earth Advantage) documentation should also be included for review. Appraiser using the new addendums will be better equipped to compare like features and properties much easier when determining value.

Seattle builder Martha Rose mentions that she already filled out both the Appraisal Institutes’  Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum along with the High Performance Home Addendum from Earth Advantage filled out for her new homes, City Cabins. “I typically will include any third party energy estimated usage reports along with lots of photos of the construction methods we use.”  “Typically we won’t get full credit for all the components that go into building a high-performance home but it’s a good start” comments Rose.

1st Behind the Walls Tour for Innovative Green Built Seattle Homes

Friday, August 26th, 2011

In the midst of the rapid growth of the life-science/biotech activity in Seattle’s South Lake Union it’s no wonder Seattle has become a leader in innovative green home building. Seattle builder Martha Rose has been at the forefront of Green Building in the Seattle market place for over a decade and has built some of the most energy-efficient, healthy spec-homes in the Seattle marketplace. Join Martha to learn firsthand how she integrates hi-tech building science and clean technology advancements into their new next-gen homes City Cabins. Coming in September 2011.

Some of the areas to be showcased in the behind the walls tour:
o Advance slab, wall, ceiling, and roof components
o Air sealing and techniques used to eliminate thermal bridging
o Heat-Recovery-Ventilation used for producing continuous fresh air
o Photovoltaic system and wiring requirements
o Innovative reclaimed green features

City Cabins in Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood are scheduled for a November 2011 completion. For more information contact Adrian Willanger.

Invigorated Green Houses Being Built on Queen Anne Hill

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The answer to a lackluster housing market in Seattle is to invigorate it with some extreme green homes.  This has been the mantra for Seattle award winning green builder Martha Rose for the last three years during which time the Seattle new home building market has been a mere image of its former self.

New energy-efficient homes

Rose, believes that the recent downshifting in the housing market is an excellent time to introduce an even more energy efficient product to their home building lineup. Sensing part of the home buying population has become increasingly frustrated with maintaining an older home and are looking to re-establish themselves within an amenity rich urban neighborhood, wanting to be close to libraries, markets, churches, parks and free from week-end home repair projects while having a home that is energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable.

High-performance homes in the city

Rose’s newest spec-built-high performance homes, City Cabins,  located in  Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood could easily be the new “lifestyle house” for a targeted group of buyers looking for a well designed, environmentally  responsible house in a neighborhood centric area.

Rose’s Built-Green City Cabins will be a perfect example of adding value to the community by building less, smaller homes that are more environmentally friendly that blend seamlessly into the existing neighborhood.

The City Cabins will be about 2000 sq.ft. 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and will be equipped with mini-splits and Fantech’s heat-recovery-ventilator system that runs continuously at low speeds and acts as the lungs of the home providing fresh air 24/7.  Both homes will be wired and plumbed for an electric vehicle, solar panels and solar hot water tubes. The northern house is being equipped with a 2kw solar panel system being designed and installed by local solar company A & R Solar.

City Cabins are scheduled for a November 2011 completion, for more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

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