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Seattle Net Zero Homes-Who Benefits? Buyers

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

A Seattle net-zero energy home (NZEH) is a grid connected homes that, over a course of a year, produce as much energy as they use.  The underlying purpose of these homes is to use the most sustainable energy with the least expense.



Several homes in the Seattle area marketplace are targeting for net-zero, the recently completed Z-Home a revolutionary 10-unit development in Issaquah and Martha Rose Construction’s innovative City Cabins under construction on Queen Anne Hill, both of these projects will be multi-certified and recognized by leading green home building programs.

Z-Home is a collaboration effort from wide range of stakeholders from Ichijo USA Co. Ltd., Built Green, Puget Sound Energy and Washington State University Extension Energy Program to name a few that are responsible for the Z-Home project.

Martha Rose is president of Martha Rose Construction in Seattle Washington. Their goal is to deliver the highest level, affordable, spec-built home. Rose’s current project is on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, City Cabins two totally electrified homes that exceed industry standards.

This almost sounds like a David vs. Goliath type story, Ichijo Co. USA a subsidiary of a large Japanese hi-tech production home builder that built 8000 homes in 2008, compared to a small local regional builder that built 4 high performance homes in 2009.  Both companies are trying to achieve the same thing and deliver a quality product to the homebuyers looking for something different.

The real winners are the buyers who are looking for next-generation energy saving standards in a new home.  These homes are constructed utilizing the latest construction technology, product innovations, designs, appliances and equipment.

The benefits, other than the dollars saved on reduced energy cost, are often over looked because it’s extremely hard to quantify benefits like comfort, health and overall livability. These homes have been engineered, designed and built to optimize all of the individual components to enhance their counter parts. For example a tight building envelope reduces the amount of moisture and air flow coming into the living areas providing a healthier indoor living environment, reducing drafts, and also the amount of heating and cooling equipment needed to live comfortable.

These homes are filled with integrated  design features not to be missed.

Z-Home has its grand opening this week-end Saturday and Sunday September 24-25 2011and City Cabins will have its first “behind the walls” tour as part of The National Solar Tour next weekend, October 1, 2011  from 10am-4pm onsite at City Cabins.

For more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Cabin Couture on Queen Anne Hill

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The blending of natural finishes with high-performance construction is part of the new hybrid homes being developed on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill by Martha Rose Construction.

Choosing to build to the standards of the government’s Building America and Builder’s Challenge programs, Energy Star and local green home building program Built Green, which require that the homes be at least  30% more energy-efficiency than code built homes.

This alone is a task that requires strict attention to detail when constructing the homes ensuring they are built virtually air tight.  To off-set the lack of air flow into the home a high performance heat-recovery-ventilator will be installed to exhaust the stale air with fresh filtered air 24/7 in all the living areas.

A feeling of tone downed sumptuousness is created in the interior finishes with au-natural ceiling and floors made from re-claimed tongue and groove Douglas Fir planks while the design theme maximizes the use of natural daylighting. A & R Solar is responsible for the design and installation of an array of solar panels on the northern home which should provide enough electrical power to an electrical vehicle for approximately 8000 miles.

The simplicity of the homes basins and sinks add to the authenticity of the “cabin-ish” feel that adds to the uniqueness of these homes.  Unlike the cabins of yore these fixtures are equipped with energy smart water saving features.

The City Cabin concept is a unique offering, which should fit nicely into a marketplace when buyers are seeking value, style, sustainability, and of course great connectivity.

City Cabins are scheduled for a November 2011 unveiling, for more information contact Adrian Willanger.