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The Juniper Connection on Queen Anne Hill

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Once Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, learned about ecological benefits that are derived  from the harvesting of western Juniper from Oregon’s high desert it was clear that this would be natural fit to use.

The juniper in 1934 barely covered 1 million acres in Central Oregon today they cover 6 million acres. The main concern with the growing juniper’s growing population is its thirst. Junipers pull moisture out of the ground all year long. Which results in the prairie grasses that provides  food, shelter and erosion control don’t get enough water to survive.  By thinning the junipers, mostly young trees, the underground wells are able to produce more water especially during the late season mid-July through September when the high desert really needs more water, helping to increase the spring output to 3-5 gallons per minute, which during the dry months is a lot of water.

Rose likes the juniper’s’ rustic characteristic, durability, its environmental credentials and thought it would add an element of authenticity to her City Cabins project in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.  The juniper natural rot- and decay-resistances makes it an exceptional choice for decking, retaining walls, fencing and landscaping at City Cabins.

City Cabins are the newest next-gen high performance multi-green certified homes in Seattle are scheduled to be completed in December of 2011. For more information and availability visit or contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Seattle Net Zero Homes-Who Benefits? Buyers

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

A Seattle net-zero energy home (NZEH) is a grid connected homes that, over a course of a year, produce as much energy as they use.  The underlying purpose of these homes is to use the most sustainable energy with the least expense.



Several homes in the Seattle area marketplace are targeting for net-zero, the recently completed Z-Home a revolutionary 10-unit development in Issaquah and Martha Rose Construction’s innovative City Cabins under construction on Queen Anne Hill, both of these projects will be multi-certified and recognized by leading green home building programs.

Z-Home is a collaboration effort from wide range of stakeholders from Ichijo USA Co. Ltd., Built Green, Puget Sound Energy and Washington State University Extension Energy Program to name a few that are responsible for the Z-Home project.

Martha Rose is president of Martha Rose Construction in Seattle Washington. Their goal is to deliver the highest level, affordable, spec-built home. Rose’s current project is on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, City Cabins two totally electrified homes that exceed industry standards.

This almost sounds like a David vs. Goliath type story, Ichijo Co. USA a subsidiary of a large Japanese hi-tech production home builder that built 8000 homes in 2008, compared to a small local regional builder that built 4 high performance homes in 2009.  Both companies are trying to achieve the same thing and deliver a quality product to the homebuyers looking for something different.

The real winners are the buyers who are looking for next-generation energy saving standards in a new home.  These homes are constructed utilizing the latest construction technology, product innovations, designs, appliances and equipment.

The benefits, other than the dollars saved on reduced energy cost, are often over looked because it’s extremely hard to quantify benefits like comfort, health and overall livability. These homes have been engineered, designed and built to optimize all of the individual components to enhance their counter parts. For example a tight building envelope reduces the amount of moisture and air flow coming into the living areas providing a healthier indoor living environment, reducing drafts, and also the amount of heating and cooling equipment needed to live comfortable.

These homes are filled with integrated  design features not to be missed.

Z-Home has its grand opening this week-end Saturday and Sunday September 24-25 2011and City Cabins will have its first “behind the walls” tour as part of The National Solar Tour next weekend, October 1, 2011  from 10am-4pm onsite at City Cabins.

For more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Next-Gen Homes on Queen Anne Hill Targeting 3 Green Certifications

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The buzz on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood is starting to pick about the two new high performance homes being build on the Hill’s northwest side. The two homes, City Cabins, constructed by Martha Rose Construction in Seattle, are extreme green homes. What does this mean? The homes will be put through extensive testing and third party certifying before being awarded the 5 Star Built Green, Energy Star and Building American Certifications.  Rose a builder with a high green IQ has been building at the highest levels of the Built Green program since its inception and has within the last 5 years added the ENERGY STAR and Building America’s Builders Challenge certifications to all of their new homes.  Today’s focus ENERGY STAR

To qualify as an ENERGY STAR home

To earn the ENERGY STAR, a home must meet guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC), and include additional energy-saving features that typically make them 20–30% more efficient than standard homes.

City Cabins should be 40-50% more efficient than standard built new homes. These “next-gen” built homes will have earned the government’s trusted ENERGY STAR label; homeowners will have the comfort knowing it’s been built to meet or surpass the strict guidelines of the Environmental Protect Agency.

Some of the important benefits of owing an ENERGY STAR home:

Lower Utility Bills

By using less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating, ENERGY STAR qualified homes deliver approximately 20% savings on annual utility bills. Over the 7 to 8 years that a typical family lives in a home, you can save thousands of dollars in maintenance cost.

Enhanced Performance

In ENERGY STAR qualified homes, comfort is ensured with consistent temperatures between and across rooms; indoor air quality is enhanced by reducing dust, pollen, bugs, and excessive humidity; and durability is improved with comprehensive water protection, windows that block damaging sunlight, and better grade equipment.

Environmental Protection

The energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants. So, by using less energy to operate, ENERGY STAR qualified homes help to prevent air pollution—an added benefit for today’s environmentally-conscious consumer looking for “green” choices.

City Cabins are now under construction and are scheduled for a November 2011 completion. For more information visit the website or contact Adrian Willanger.

Invigorated Green Houses Being Built on Queen Anne Hill

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The answer to a lackluster housing market in Seattle is to invigorate it with some extreme green homes.  This has been the mantra for Seattle award winning green builder Martha Rose for the last three years during which time the Seattle new home building market has been a mere image of its former self.

New energy-efficient homes

Rose, believes that the recent downshifting in the housing market is an excellent time to introduce an even more energy efficient product to their home building lineup. Sensing part of the home buying population has become increasingly frustrated with maintaining an older home and are looking to re-establish themselves within an amenity rich urban neighborhood, wanting to be close to libraries, markets, churches, parks and free from week-end home repair projects while having a home that is energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable.

High-performance homes in the city

Rose’s newest spec-built-high performance homes, City Cabins,  located in  Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood could easily be the new “lifestyle house” for a targeted group of buyers looking for a well designed, environmentally  responsible house in a neighborhood centric area.

Rose’s Built-Green City Cabins will be a perfect example of adding value to the community by building less, smaller homes that are more environmentally friendly that blend seamlessly into the existing neighborhood.

The City Cabins will be about 2000 sq.ft. 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and will be equipped with mini-splits and Fantech’s heat-recovery-ventilator system that runs continuously at low speeds and acts as the lungs of the home providing fresh air 24/7.  Both homes will be wired and plumbed for an electric vehicle, solar panels and solar hot water tubes. The northern house is being equipped with a 2kw solar panel system being designed and installed by local solar company A & R Solar.

City Cabins are scheduled for a November 2011 completion, for more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

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City Cabins in Seattle are Designed for both Passive and Active Solar Heating

Queen Anne Hill New Home Project Chooses A & R Solar

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Seattle’s newest high-performance homes, City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill, selects A & R Solar to install photovoltaic (PV) for one of their new homes.

Reeves Clippard of A & R Solar did a roof take off to determine how much of the available sun light could be utilized by an array of roof panels.  It was determined that 93% of the available sun light could be used and converted into electricity.

Builder Martha Rose is wiring the garages of the two new homes for electric power converters.  The 2 kilowatt PV system installed on the northern most home should produce 2000kw hours of electricity annually is enough to power an electric car, in addition to Federal tax credits, Seattle City Light net metering and WA-State Production Incentives.

The new homes will be the most energy-efficient homes Rose has built. Rose, a builder with a high green I-Q, has stayed in the forefront of the rapidly changing building codes for nearly a decade and is raising the energy-performance bar with their latest collection of homes.

The two view homes are being built with double-wall exterior construction filled with 7 ½” of blown fiberglass insulation, 1” Dow Blue Foam Board, ½” CDX plywood, 2 layers of moisture barrier paper and lap siding increasing the overall R-value, comfort and energy savings for the new home owners.

City Cabins are currently under construction and are scheduled for a November 2011 completion. For more information visit or contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Homes of Tomorrow Being Built Today on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
City Cabins exterior
City Cabins exterior sealing

 At first glance the new homes being built on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, by builder Martha Rose, look like your typical new construction; these looks can be very deceiving. These homes are very aggressive high-performance homes, the Tesla of new homes. Rose’s previously built community, Queen City Eco-Village, were dubbed by a TV reporter as the Prius of Green built homes these homes performance is next-gen worthy.

Built to surpass today’s energy codes these two new homes will also provide valuable energy-efficient field testing and home building R& D results to their green building partners for evaluation.

The new homes will be the most energy-efficient homes Rose has built.  An award winning Green builder Rose has stayed out ahead of the rapidly changing building codes for a decade and is pushing the envelope with their latest collection.

City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill are being built with double-wall exterior construction filled with 7 ½” of blown-in fiberglass insulation, 1” Dow Blue Foam Board, ½” CDX plywood, caulked gaps & seams, 2 layers of moisture barrier paper and lap siding increasing the overall R-value and performance from their previous designs.

Rose’s partnership with Dow has allowed Rose to increase their insulation package to meet Passive House Standards. The overall insulation package will include R-31 walls, 6” Dow Blue Foam R-30” insulated slab, Serious Material’s R-6 fiberglass windows, and an R-60 insulated attic space.

City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill is scheduled for completion in November of 2011, for more information visit or contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

Revising the Arts and Craft Movement in Seattle

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011


Home builder Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, is implementing building techniques, craftsmanship, form following function, and natural materials with modern high-tech building techniques.

Borrowing from the Arts and Crafts movement Rose is carefully integrating bits and pieces of the pre-industrial faction into their latest project City Cabins on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill. Blending natural materials into finished products, recycled tongue and groove wood plank flooring becomes part of the structure; large Douglas Fir laminated beams create stability while adding interesting architectural elements to the interior.

Blacksmith-Artesian Silas Maddox, owner of Forge & Nail, has been contracted to add elements of beauty that also serve a function and create longer lasting value to the project. Preparatory designs are in the works for the sky-bridge, which joins the detached garages to the homes, and the rear entry gates (budget permitting. Walking around the structures you can see custom hand forged metal fittings that are purposeful and add to the overall look and feel of City Cabins, these small details are often overlooked in spec home building, yet, really add to the authentic look and feel of the finished design.

The artful blending of Arts and Crafts elements together with high-tech building science are an extremely rare combination in spec-building. Yet, Rose believes that to truly differentiate her homes from the competition she needs to keep part of her old school foundation forged with innovation, building science and Lean building principles to be profitable.

City Cabins in Seattle are currently under construction and are scheduled to be completed in November of 2011, for more information contact Adrian Willanger.

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Seattle Green builder laces up the boots and straps on the hardhat

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Seattle home builder Martha Rose’s secret for making sure her newest hi-performance homes, City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill, are sold expeditiously can be traced back to her business survival strategies implemented over the last 3 1/2 years in a tough Seattle real estate market.

Some of the lessons she learned pre 2007-2008 still hold true today, delivering a quality built energy efficient home in the right location is still the goal. Pretty simple strategy while the market was hot and bidding wars on homes was normal, when the market cooled most builders need to ante-up if they wanted to stay in the game, this proved to be a major game changer driving many builders that were highly leveraged out of the spec home building market.

Rose during the last decade has been building some of the greenest homes in the Pacific Northwest understands the new rules of engagement. Starting with land costs, their last two projects had an extremely long development and platting process before construction could begin, the unexpected delays couldn’t have happened at a worst time.  The local real estate market started to slow down in July of 2007 and has continued until spring of 2011, during this time Rose’s company, Martha Rose Construction, Inc.,  completed two communities, Queen City Eco-Village and Fish Singer Place, both were certified Green communities and faced discounted selling prices to make up for overpaying for land cost during boom times.

Lessons learned

To be successful with the City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill project Rose needed to purchase the land at a fair price and the building permit process needed to be expedited. The land was purchased without allot of competition from other spec-builders and the building permit was put through Seattle’s new green expedited building process taking less than ½ the time of normal permitting.

When the home building market was hot, 2004-2007, Rose was delivering more than the industry standards in their new homes.  Choosing to build to the highest level of the Built Green program, Rose has continued building hi-performance, hi-technology homes but this time paying closer attention to the right location, right amenities, and the right layout. Abandoning the old adage of “if you build it they will come” and instead building with a market and price point focus.

City Cabins are now in the framing stage and are scheduled for November 2011 completions, for more information contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.


Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

By, Piper Lauri Salogga

Northwest builder/developer Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, has completed her newest Built Green community, Fish Singer Place. Come experience FSP’s green beauty and get a taste for real low-footprint living:  sip some wine, nibble on organic eats and try out the latest electric bikes.  Martha Rose will be on site to give the occasional tour and answer those sustainable questions you’ve been itching to ask.


Piper Lauri Salogga and Sara Eizen, co-founders of Sit+Sip, an event company sharing green interior design resources with the Seattle community, wanted to celebrate this inspiring new green development. “So many of our clients do what they can, and are comfortable with, to make conscious decisions in their homes when decorating and remodeling,” says Salogga, owner of Natural Balance Home & Office, “but I don’t think many of them can begin to imagine what this type of commitment to sustainability would look and feel like, much less what it would cost.”  Eizen, owner of Nest, adds “These homes are very affordable.  With all of the green bells and whistles, I was totally surprised!”

 Inspired to promote all things green and creative in the world of interior design, Salogga and Eizen jumped on the chance to spread the word about Fish Singer Place.  Salogga says, “You have to see it to get it.  Martha’s homes are the way of the future, and from my perspective, it looks and feels really good.”


These extremely energy efficient homes at Fish Singer Place  are located in Shoreline, Washington. The finished homes have been certified 5-Star Built Green the highest rating for the Built Green program.  Projects are qualified using a Built Green checklist organized into six categories of environmentally friendly action items. Upon completion, the builder sends a signed copy of the checklist along with a third party verification identifying the homes features. To receive the rigorous 5-Star certification a home must score at least 500 points, the new homes at Fish Singer Place all scored 757 points. 

“Exceeding the minimum points required is not the overall goal” mentions Rose, “it’s more about doing the right thing.”

Building in this economy, Rose believes, that it extremely important to hire, purchase and source local materials as much as possible, keeping an estimated 73% of every dollar spent back into the local economy.

 The new homes will be at least 40% more energy efficient than a typical code built new home. Tighter thermal envelopes, more insulation and quadruple glazed windows all help reduce heating and cooling needs while adding interior comfort.

Several of the homes could get close to net-zero by adding solar equipment such as photovoltaic (PV) and solar panels. Even without the active solar equipment these homes will perform very well.

 This is a very aggressive undertaking by Rose, choosing to add more to the homes instead of cutting cost and lowering their building standards. “I feel, even in this economy, there is a real flight to quality” mentions Rose. 

 In addition to the energy saving features all the homes come with 2 1000 gallon rain barrels, site harvested wood flooring, heat-recovery-ventilators (HRV), dual flush toilets, and garden ready soil.


These homes will be open for a special viewing as Sit+Sip  teams up with Martha Rose Construction, Rosichelli Mendoza Staging  and  Seattle Electric Bike to show you what fun, beautiful, true sustainable living looks like at Fish Singer Place.                                                      

Thursday July 22, 2010 5-8 PM (FREE)

433 N Fish Singer Place Shoreline, WA. 98125

Wine, Food, and Tours

       5-8 p