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The Art of Sustainable Building in Seattle

Friday, November 4th, 2011
The Art of  Sustainable Building in Seattle

The art of sustainable development starts by analyzing the building site and coming up with a site design that protects natural and other features that exist on the site. Builder Martha Rose elected to reuse a large percentage of the existing foundation from the existing 1940 duplex for their latest urban project City Cabins in Seattle. Retooling and reusing the existing foundation was key component in reducing pollution from construction activities by minimizing soil erosion, topology disturbance, waterway sedimentation and dust that would have taken place if they had elected to use traditional construction methods.

The three  story homes are designed to take advantage of the views of Fisherman’s Terminal and the Olympic Mountains to the West while providing natural daylighting and privacy without feeling like you’re in an urban-fishbowl. The homes are slightly terraced off the street separated by an elevated sidewalk from street level.  The terracing offers the City Cabin homeowners privacy from the pedestrian’s view while the top of terrace offer a level platform for sitting, greeting neighbors or just enjoying the view.

The raised sidewalk is a unique urban pattern that adds to the walk-ability of the North Queen Anne neighborhood, configuring to the natural terrain the walkway offer increased pedestrian safety from automobiles, view corridors and green planting strips that separate the sidewalk from the street.

City Cabins are scheduled for a mi-December completion for more information visit or alternatively contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

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Homes of Tomorrow Being Built Today on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
City Cabins exterior
City Cabins exterior sealing

 At first glance the new homes being built on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, by builder Martha Rose, look like your typical new construction; these looks can be very deceiving. These homes are very aggressive high-performance homes, the Tesla of new homes. Rose’s previously built community, Queen City Eco-Village, were dubbed by a TV reporter as the Prius of Green built homes these homes performance is next-gen worthy.

Built to surpass today’s energy codes these two new homes will also provide valuable energy-efficient field testing and home building R& D results to their green building partners for evaluation.

The new homes will be the most energy-efficient homes Rose has built.  An award winning Green builder Rose has stayed out ahead of the rapidly changing building codes for a decade and is pushing the envelope with their latest collection.

City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill are being built with double-wall exterior construction filled with 7 ½” of blown-in fiberglass insulation, 1” Dow Blue Foam Board, ½” CDX plywood, caulked gaps & seams, 2 layers of moisture barrier paper and lap siding increasing the overall R-value and performance from their previous designs.

Rose’s partnership with Dow has allowed Rose to increase their insulation package to meet Passive House Standards. The overall insulation package will include R-31 walls, 6” Dow Blue Foam R-30” insulated slab, Serious Material’s R-6 fiberglass windows, and an R-60 insulated attic space.

City Cabins on Queen Anne Hill is scheduled for completion in November of 2011, for more information visit or contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536.

A Cabin for All Seasons

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Traditionally, cabins were made to be use in specific seasons depending on where they were located.  Beach cabins were typically open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, hunting cabins were open September –December and were often cluster around a central lodge.

Some of the common attributes of all the cabins was that they were charming, had intimate interior spaces, and a feeling of casualness. These very attributes were sought by Seattle green home builder Martha Rose when she started brain-storming the concept with her architectural firm, CB Anderson, these were the “ingredients” Rose wanted in her urban City Cabins in Seattle’s  Queen Anne Hill neighborhood.

Scale, uniqueness and of course energy-efficiency were the other components that would go into the design of the two new homes on Queen Anne Hill. Building to Passive House “Passivhause” standards the energy efficiency was taken care of; the team of architects at CB Anderson came up with some inimitable design features and a list of functional building materials to create intimate spaces that use natural wood, stainless steel, metal and glass finishes.

The “Cabins” can appear somewhat innocuous at first, until you understand the intentions of the builder and the design team, utilizing recycled wood planked floors together with massive Douglas Fir engineered beams that helps create the “cabin feel” through-out the living areas, while enjoying the views of Salmon Bay and an occasional hint of salt water aroma in the air, a place for all seasons, one quickly gets a sense of placemaking.

In true cabin fashion City Cabins are designed with detached garages accessible via a sky-bridge that attaches the homes with the garages and provides the homeowners a brief moment of separation from the outside world to intimate spaces within the two homes.

Available November 2011, for more information contact Adrian Willanger.

Don’t Overlook the Small Things in Green Building

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

By, Staff Eco-Redux 

Programmable Thermostats Being Installed in Every Room at Fish Singer Place 



Programmable thermostats have become very popular to a lot of homes because of the many benefits that can be gained by using them. Aside from the energy-saving features, their low greenhouse gas emissions also do not contribute much to global warming. But what really sets them apart is that you have total control over how they will function for a certain period of time; whether it is just for a few hours, a single day or the whole week, the choice is really yours. At Fish Singer Place, we adhere to our name of being the most environment-friendly and cost-efficient neighborhood in the country and the programmable thermostat helps us in living up to this name. 


Our Energy Star programmable thermostats allow you to maintain personal comfort all over the home through pre-set temperature levels that are more accurate than manual thermostats. When used properly this device can save you as much as $150 a year. And what more is needed, since they consume less energy and they are eco-friendly. 


The programmable thermostats do really adjust according to the needs of homeowners who work outside and have different schedules during weekends, as they can be programmed to adjust to the times when the owners are home. The homeowners can program the units whether they are at home or not, awake or asleep, warm or cold at any time of the day and night, just to match their lifestyle. For example, they can be adjusted for a warmer temperature when the owner wakes up in the morning or a colder one at noon. 


Another advantage of programmable thermostats is that these can be programmed to repeat the settings on multiple days or the whole week so that you do not have to keep changing the settings time and again, thus providing more flexibility of movement inside or outside the house. This is very useful on times when you are in a rush to leave the house and when reaching the office, you recall that you forgot to turn the thermostat off. With a manual one, this is a problem but with the programmable thermostat, you can be rest assured that no such thing will happen.  


The heating and cooling of home spaces account for almost 40% of the average home’s usage of energy. With programmable thermostats in every Fish Singer Place home, the rooms’ temperatures are all automatically adjusted to the comfort zone of the owners thus; no energy is wasted even when no one is at home. 


With the sealing and insulation standards being met at each Fish Singer Place home, homeowners are assured that the installed programmable thermostats supply proper ventilation and fresh air inside the house at all times. Likewise, the amount of heating and cooling is optimized as the temperature inside the home is contained by Energy Star’s sealing and insulating standards. 


Living up to the expectations of the environment conscious homeowners is strictly followed at Fish Singer Place. With our cost efficient Energy Star appliances, we assure homeowners of annual savings in energy consumption and eco-friendly environment. The programmable thermostat with its energy efficiency, the ease and comfort it provides and the environmental friendly features it owns, is an attribute that every Fish Singer Place home is proud of. 


Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

By, Piper Lauri Salogga

Northwest builder/developer Martha Rose, president of Martha Rose Construction, has completed her newest Built Green community, Fish Singer Place. Come experience FSP’s green beauty and get a taste for real low-footprint living:  sip some wine, nibble on organic eats and try out the latest electric bikes.  Martha Rose will be on site to give the occasional tour and answer those sustainable questions you’ve been itching to ask.


Piper Lauri Salogga and Sara Eizen, co-founders of Sit+Sip, an event company sharing green interior design resources with the Seattle community, wanted to celebrate this inspiring new green development. “So many of our clients do what they can, and are comfortable with, to make conscious decisions in their homes when decorating and remodeling,” says Salogga, owner of Natural Balance Home & Office, “but I don’t think many of them can begin to imagine what this type of commitment to sustainability would look and feel like, much less what it would cost.”  Eizen, owner of Nest, adds “These homes are very affordable.  With all of the green bells and whistles, I was totally surprised!”

 Inspired to promote all things green and creative in the world of interior design, Salogga and Eizen jumped on the chance to spread the word about Fish Singer Place.  Salogga says, “You have to see it to get it.  Martha’s homes are the way of the future, and from my perspective, it looks and feels really good.”


These extremely energy efficient homes at Fish Singer Place  are located in Shoreline, Washington. The finished homes have been certified 5-Star Built Green the highest rating for the Built Green program.  Projects are qualified using a Built Green checklist organized into six categories of environmentally friendly action items. Upon completion, the builder sends a signed copy of the checklist along with a third party verification identifying the homes features. To receive the rigorous 5-Star certification a home must score at least 500 points, the new homes at Fish Singer Place all scored 757 points. 

“Exceeding the minimum points required is not the overall goal” mentions Rose, “it’s more about doing the right thing.”

Building in this economy, Rose believes, that it extremely important to hire, purchase and source local materials as much as possible, keeping an estimated 73% of every dollar spent back into the local economy.

 The new homes will be at least 40% more energy efficient than a typical code built new home. Tighter thermal envelopes, more insulation and quadruple glazed windows all help reduce heating and cooling needs while adding interior comfort.

Several of the homes could get close to net-zero by adding solar equipment such as photovoltaic (PV) and solar panels. Even without the active solar equipment these homes will perform very well.

 This is a very aggressive undertaking by Rose, choosing to add more to the homes instead of cutting cost and lowering their building standards. “I feel, even in this economy, there is a real flight to quality” mentions Rose. 

 In addition to the energy saving features all the homes come with 2 1000 gallon rain barrels, site harvested wood flooring, heat-recovery-ventilators (HRV), dual flush toilets, and garden ready soil.


These homes will be open for a special viewing as Sit+Sip  teams up with Martha Rose Construction, Rosichelli Mendoza Staging  and  Seattle Electric Bike to show you what fun, beautiful, true sustainable living looks like at Fish Singer Place.                                                      

Thursday July 22, 2010 5-8 PM (FREE)

433 N Fish Singer Place Shoreline, WA. 98125

Wine, Food, and Tours

       5-8 p